Education & Teachers Professional Development

ML Learning offers numerous online, distance-based and face-to-face courses on a wider range of topics to develop your professional skills and help you achieve workplace success.

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Business & Entrepreneurial

We Offer some of the best courses to help you develop your business and startup. Our online and distance-based courses will enable you achieve more through learning and development opportunities.

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Aerospace & Astronomy

ML Learning Offers numerous courses in Astronomy to help you build your science skills and help you acquire certificates for astronomy courses with topics including galaxies, planets, the Solar System, celestial objects, stars, comets, outer space phenomena and more.

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Communication, Language & Soft Skills

ML Learning helps you develop soft skills to achieve greater level of success. Take these online & distance-based courses to achieve greater level of success in workplace & daily life.

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Human Resources Courses

ML Learning's HR courses will enable you understand & deal with matters concerning Recruitment, L&D, compensation, performance management, employee motivation, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, and much more

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Hotel, Hospitality & Toursim

Planning to get a grasp on Hospitality Services or want to start a Tourism business?? we have packed some of the best online & distance-based courses to help you excel in the hospitality & tourism industry.

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Find some of the best courses to boost your leadership skills and learn leadership styles to achieve higher level of organizational and personal success.

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Logistics, Freight, Import & Export

Our courses in logistics will enable you understand or start a successful business. Learn innovative processes & roadmaps with our online and distance based courses.

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Social Work

With ML Learning Courses, you can learn social work and skills and practices to develop communities and become a best social worker.

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Hospital & Public Health Management

ML Learning also offers some of the best competency-based medical programs for your career success.

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Civil Aviation

Designed and continuously refreshed by Industry experts, our online and distance based course solutions ensure learners achieve a greater level of success and acquire the best skills relevant to their field and industry.

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Environmental Courses

We offer various other online and distance based courses for our learners around the globe.

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Banking Sector

Get some of the Best distance based courses in Banking Sector to boost your career and become a certified Professional.

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Accounting & Finance

Our Accounting & Finance Courses are unique to help boost your career and achieve higher levels of professional success.

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Industry Specific & Vocational Courses

Designed and continuously refreshed by Industry experts, our online and distance based course solutions ensure learners achieve a greater level of success.

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Other Courses and Certificate Programs

We offer various other online and distance based courses for our learners around the globe.

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Interested to become a professional media person? we have latest media related courses for You!

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Choose our latest courses in Law and add a new credential for your professional growth!

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Information Technology

Our Courses in IT are recognized world wide. Start a course with us and become an expert in your field!

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Enterprise Development & Cottage Industry

We offer various other online and distance based courses for their career achievements. Choose from a number of courses and get certified with us.

Enterprise Development & Cottage Industry Courses

Construction Management

Become a certified in Construction Industry and acquire more businesses and projects.

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Engineering (require min 1 Year Prior Experience)

Love Engineering??? Our courses will make you obsessed for Engineering! Take a course now

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Heavy Machinery Courses

Heavy Machinery have become the prerequisite for all type of construction and engineering work. Get your certification in Heavy Machinery now!

Heavy Machinery Courses

Production Operation Management

Understand and Launch the product by learning the best practices in Product Operation Management.

Product Management & Operation Courses

Project Management

Every Sector now needs the Project Management Skills. Become a Certified Project Manager or Specialist in Project Mgmt.

Project Management Courses

Stress Management Courses & Economics

Understand Stress Management techniques and achieve become a unique personality. Interested in economics? we have all what you need!

Courses in Stress Mgmt & Economics

Marketing Management

Marketing is what every company or organization needs. Our courses are specially designed to understand the crux of MArketing and its secrets!

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Nutritional Sciences

Always be fit through proper nutritional approach. Become a professional expert in Nutritional sciences.

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We Offer all type of Psychology courses. Open our course catalogue to choose a field in psychology and become a specialist in your field.

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Sports Sciences

Planning to become a fitness trainer? we have numerous courses in Sports Sciences. Take a leap and start a new profession!

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Telecommunication Engineering

Specially designed for the telecommunication Industry, our courses help you become expert in your field. Take a course now!

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Women's Health & Beauty

Are you not certified yet? take our course and become certified in various fields of Women Health & Beauty.

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Interested in Agriculture? we are offering some of the best courses in Agriculture sector. Explore more!

Agri Courses

Foreign Policy & Diplomacy

If you are related to Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, we are splendid distance based courses for You!

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Technical Courses on RPL (Experience Based Diploma)

We are also offering courses based on your experience. Interested?? Explore our course shelve to find your dream course and diploma!

Technical Courses on RPL

Professional Diplomas

Check our Professional Diplomas course catalogue to explore more...

Professional Diplomas