Our Story

Back in 2012, a group of like-minded youth joined hands to establish a platform for developing human resource through trainings, teacher education, distance courses and motivational sessions in the mountainous and remote regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. Together, they launched ML Learning to broaden the horizons for developing skillful human resource to support their communities and institutions.

Today, ML Learning is operating as an Open Institution for developing human resource across Pakistan and globally through Course and programs with latest approaches. We train and develop the skills you need for your career and professional success.

About ML Learning

ML Learning is an educational Institution specialized in providing Venue, online, Open & Distance-based Trainings & Courses on a wider range of topics including Education,Motivational & Personal development, Leadership & Industry Specific programs & courses for Individuals and Organizations .

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Meet Our Our Energetic Team

  • Mrs. Nazia Sabir

    Mrs. Nazia Sabir

  • Sabir Ali

    Sabir Ali

    Co-Founder| Distance Learning & Training
  • Anika Bashir

    Anika Bashir

    ICT Administrator
  • Shaista Jabeen

    Shaista Jabeen

    Admin Assistant