How to Take Online Courses??

We have launched online certificate courses in various trades and professions. Just click the link below that will take you to the Online Course Portal.

Online Courses with ML Learning

ML Learning has introduced online Diploma, Certifications and bite-size online courses in Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. Now Take a course online and develop your professional and trades skills.

Basics of Early Childhood Education

Teachers Professional Development online Course for ECE practitioners, Teachers, Montessori professionals and parents.

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HeadTeacher Leadership

specially designed for School Leadership and directors to implement best practices and action plans across the school.

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Communication Skills for Success

Get the most from this soft-skills training course. Designed to develop listening and communication skills for your personal and professional success.

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Creative Thinking for Classroom

Learn the best practices and secrets to make your learners learn creatively and create AHAA moments for your students...

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